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About Us

Alefco fze is a trading company specialized in process equipment supply for oil&gas, pharmaceutical, mineral water, powerplant, food and beverage industries in the region.
Alefco Fze | Best trading company in UAE - About Us

Alefco has an international network of sales and engineering offices to ensure our customers highest level of support and quick response. We supply from the word’s most trusted brand to give high performance the clients. our support team is made up of highly skilled and qualified individuals. We have specialists in the areas of Technical Support and supply. We pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible service to make sure that your every equipment need is met with satisfaction.

Alefco not only supplies equipment, but also offers technical service such as installation, testing, commissioning, training and calibration for the supplied instruments.

Alefco logistic team handle any shipment to make sure customers will receive on time.

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